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The development of this microsite was led by Jamie Hand, ArtPlace America’s Director of Research Strategies from 2014-2020. The research analysis was conducted by Jamie Hand and Danya Sherman, ArtPlace’s Senior Consultant, Research Strategies, with support and input from the rest of the ArtPlace team: Jamie Bennett, Sarah Calderon, Lyz Crane, Leila Tamari, Maura Cuffie, Adam Erickson, Sarah Westlake, Marirosa Garcia, and Erik Takeshita. Jamie Bennett, Sarah Calderon, and Lyz Crane provided critical feedback in the final stages of analysis and writing. 

Jamie and Danya collaborated with Megan Bullock of Studio MESH throughout their analysis, leaning on Megan’s creativity and visual expertise to develop the infographic. MESH also designed and built this website. 

We are indebted to all of the individuals and organizations who partnered with ArtPlace to conduct research and author the field scans, as well as the countless artists, community leaders, organizers, educators, funders, and policymakers who participated in ArtPlace’s research as either interviewees or working group participants. The creative, community-based work led by so many of these people is both the foundation and inspiration for this research.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

Please cite as: Hand, Jamie, Sherman, Danya, and Bullock, Megan. (2020). The Role of Arts and Culture in Equitable Community Development: A Visual Analysis. ArtPlace America.

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