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A hallmark of ArtPlace’s approach to knowledge building in each sector has been the involvement of practitioners who are closest to the work, whether that is community-based artists, affordable housing developers, public health educators, local elected officials, or fellow researchers striving to make sense of the multidimensional array of possible outcomes when arts and culture is integrated into community development practice.

In keeping with this approach, we have partnered with the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (A2RU) and Grantmakers in the Arts (GIA) to commission a series of responses from individuals across the field of creative placemaking to be presented alongside our analysis. These responses will be published over the course of 2021, ensuring that the ArtPlace findings exist less as a static artifact and more as a provocation or foundation for future arts and community development research and practice. We are eager to solicit critique and debate as much as dialogue and ideas about the application of the ArtPlace findings; all responses will be cross-posted on this page as they become available.

Reclaiming Our Streets with Asphalt Art

By David Andersson & Nicholas Mosquera — Bloomberg Philanthropies

Get into it: ArtPlace’s Research Activities 

By Roberto Bedoya — City of Oakland

Building Collective Power

By Seth Beattie Kresge Foundation

Positioning Arts and Culture for this Historic Moment

By Jen Hughes — National Endowment for the Arts

Art, Money, and the Apocalypse: Lots of Questions, A Few Solutions

By Christina Houle — Las Imaginsitas; Voces Unidas

A Brighter Future: ArtPlace America & Equitable Development, A Reflection 

By janera solomon — writer, cultural strategist, curator, and nonprofit executive based in Pittsburgh

The Future of the Field: Resourcing Practitioners, Not Professionals 

By M. Simone Boyd — M.Simone Boyd dreams of a day when her neighborhood will be free from violence, and as a novelist, organizer, and speaker…she is working towards that day.

Questions we ask, and what’s revealed

By Susan DuPlessis — The South Carolina Arts Commission

From Absence to Presence: Arts and Culture Help Us Redefine “Health”

By Tasha Golden — Tasha Golden, PhD is director of Research, International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and adjunct faculty in the Center for Arts in Medicine at University of Florida